Benefits of Using Staffing Companies

    1. HR Cost Savings.  Staffing companies bear the costs of advertising for a position, as well as screening, interviewing, hiring, and firing any employees.

On-Demand Employees.  When you use a staffing company, you have access to a diverse pool of on-demand employees you may request on short notice.  Whether one of your employees is out on maternity leave, disability, or simply needs help completing a time-sensitive project, you can bring on a temporary employee without the need to guarantee a 40-hour work week.

Try Before You Buy.  Even if a candidate appears to have the education and experience you require, he or she may not fit well with your company.  With a temporary or temp-to-hire arrangement, this discovery will cost you much less, and we can replace the candidate with a new candidate.

You do not bear the cost of paying benefits.  You pay no sick leave, PTO, health insurance, or retirement plan contributions

Staffing Companies Are the Employer of Record.  This is usually the most appealing piece of using a staffing company, regardless of the size of your company.  Because a staffing company is the employer of record, you are free from the following concerns:

    • ACA compliance.  Failing to properly comply with ACA regulations can be very costly
    • Unemployment claims.  Your HR Department will not have to waste many hours processing unemployment claims and dealing with the Department of Labor
    • Paying State and Federal Taxes
    • Processing payroll
    • Worker’s compensation premium
    • Employment law issues.  There are over 2,000 labor laws, which you will not have to worry about for any employees a staffing company provides you, which means reduced legal costs for compliance.